AMG GT R- You Can Have It In Any Color You Want, As Long As It’s Green

Being a huge Audi fan, it is hard for me to give praise to the enemy, Mercedes-Benz. However, no matter how large the brand competition may be, the boys over at Merc have produced an automobile that seems near impossible to ignore.

Enter the AMG GT R, a track monster with metallic green paint running through its veins and twin turbochargers at its heart. Weighing in at a relatively slim 3,668 pounds and sporting a twin turbocharged 4.0 liter V8 this beast pumps out 577 horsepower and 517 ft lbs of torque. It is worth mentioning that this is a significant boost in HP from the R’s baby bro, the AMG GT.

The AMG GT R has many different accomplishments under its belt, one of those being the astounding lap time of 2:43.4 around Virginia International Raceway. Second only to the Lexus RC F GT concept car and the Porsche 918, the GTR has lots to boast about. Often referred to as one of the most difficult and technical courses in the country, it is sure to push a car to its absolute limits.

So what makes the GT R such a force on the track? Well I’m glad you asked, as there is a plethora of goodies on this car to fully nerd out on.

We’ll begin with what is possibly the most unique feature on this car, customizable traction control. While conventional automobiles most commonly have a single button the either enables or disables traction control, the GT R has a knob which provides the driver with 9 available traction modes.

These nine modes can be changed while driving, allowing the driver to adjust the rear wheel slip for the particular corner he is approaching. Also helpful is the GTR’s 1.21g grip strength, just to give you that extra shot of confidence.

Speaking of grip, any car guy worth his wheels knows that a car is only as good as its tires. Well the GT R gets the cream of the crop this time. Sporting a full set of Michelin Sport cup 2’s, the GT R has an unrelenting grasp on the pavement beneath it.

And because everyone likes a big booty, the rear fenders on the GT R have been widened 2.3 inches to support the one inch larger wheels and tires they harbor.

Also aiding in the GT R’s blinding speed is the customizable features on the body such as the front splitter and rear wing. Each of the two is made of woven carbon fiber and is extremely lightweight while still being remarkably strong. The front splitter can be lowered 1.4 inches closer to the pavement, reducing lift underneath the R at high speed. In fact, at 124 mph there is neither any aerodynamic lift or downforce on the front of the car. The rear of the car sports a fully adjustable spoiler, much like the one found on the corvette Zo6.

If you wanna make it to the second corner in a car as powerful as this one you better make sure you have an exceptional set of brakes. Luckily the engineers of at MB are as concerned with their 60-0 as they are with their 0-60. Six piston front brake calipers envelope massive 15.8 inch carbon ceramic rotors in the front and 14.2 inchers in the rear.

The list of electronic and aerodynamic goodies truly does go on and on in the R. You could take up pages and pages of words describing just the front end of this car. What is important however is that when all of these moving parts come together in unison what you have is one hell of a green monster to decimate whatever car you’re running with (as long as its not a 918 or RC F GT).



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