Motorcycles: The Most Fun You Can Have With Your Pants On

Its finally time, let’s talk about bikes baby, ‘Merica! As  young car enthusiast with limited funds the solution was clear, motorcycles. Financially speaking, motorcycles provide the most braap for your buck, and if you wanna get logical they’re pretty good on gas too.

When it comes to bikes there is truly something for everybody. Whether you want to go 150 mph on the freeway or rip up some off-road trails, you’re sure to find the motorcycle that suits you with even just a little bit of research.

Save for the closed-minded, you will find that most car guys are into bikes and vice-versa. The essentials are the same, a powerful engine, loud exhaust and some wheels to roll on, what’s not to like?

Although cars and bikes may be similar in a multitude of ways, the experience they provide is quite different.

Something about being free from the metal and glass cage of a car is extremely liberating, sitting atop a powerful engine knowing you could pull away from everyone with simply a twist of the wrist.

Purchasing a motorcycle also immediately enrolls you in a brotherhood of sorts that is shared between bikers. This community is very welcoming whether you ride a rice rocket or a straight-piped hog. A simple wave when you pass by or a helping hand when you’re stuck on the side of the road are just a few small indications that the both of you share a love for two wheels.

However, you cannot discuss motorcycles without talking about the serious risk that comes with riding. Being free from that glass and metal cage also exposes you to the elements as well as the unforgiving  pavement beneath you. Is this danger part of what makes riding so exciting? It is no secret that the most fun activities in life are often the most dangerous.

Risk aside, the thrill of the ride is all too addicting. When you pull out on a bike, you don’t necessarily need to have a destination in mind. Grab a couple of your buddies, hit the road, and enjoy the freedom that is within your hands.

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