Let’s get NS-Sexy

The other night while watching a new favorite show of mine, Jay Leno’s Garage, the denim danger himself received shipment of his brand new  2017 Acura NSX. Although I was aware of the release of this car, it never particularly struck my interest, maybe because the original NSX was a bit before my time.

It was after hearing Acura’s chief designer speak about the real-world functionality of all the little curves and creases in the Acura’s body that compelled me to conduct further research on this all new hybrid supercar.

The all new for 2017 Acura NSX houses a 3.5 liter twin turbocharged V6 under its hood, but thats not all. To elevate this little six banger up to supercar status the NSX enlists the help of 3 electric motors placed all throughout the car. It is this electrification that makes the NSX such a model of modern technology.

Since the first ever automobile was created, people have been relentlessly searching for ways to boost their car’s performance. Shaving off a few pounds here or adding on a couple horses there could be the difference between sweet victory and eating someone else’s taillights.

Fast forward to 2017, and automakers have come to a sort of road block in performance engineering. Engineers are reaching the limit on how much power a naturally aspirated engine can make, you can only bolt on so many cylinders before you start sacrificing gas mileage and weight for mediocre gains in horsepower. Hence, we see the growing popularity of forced induction engines that allow for enhanced tuning and dramatic gains in power.

Now thats all good and well if you’re some hoodlum running a ’02 Jetta whose only concern is to see how much boost he can run without blowing his engine to smithereens.

When you start to dive into the world of supercars, these automobiles have a reputation to be the fastest, angriest, and sleekest automobiles on the road. To keep the crown sitting nicely on their head, they must look for new innovations in technology to keep shaving down that 0-60, one tenth of a second at a time.

In steps hybridization, the glorious pairing of internal combustion and electric motors whose only purpose is to make four wheels spin fast, very fast. In the case of the NSX, 575 horsepower fast; this isn’t your Grandma Betty’s Prius folks.

Often dubbed the Porche 918’s little brother, the NSX is the culmination of all the newest automotive technology; regenerative braking, adaptive dampers, stability control, launch control, the list goes on and on. The three modes that are available (sport, quiet, and sport plus) can take the NSX from a sedated grocery getter to a ferocious track beast with the touch of a button.

While the NSX may not be the fastest supercar around Green Hell, it is certainly the most forward thinking. With that being said, the NSX isn’t really about the present, it is more an indication of the future. With V10 power numbers coming out of a hybrid V6, the gradual change to hybridization in all cars seems almost inevitable. As long as all changes are in the name of performance-boosting progress (and we still get a gnarly exhaust note from our supercars) I suppose I won’t be the one to argue.

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