A Brief Introduction…

Hello readers and welcome to The Note! As the weeks go on you will find The Note to be an amusing source to find automotive news, reviews of whatever vehicle I can get my hands on, and the occasional coverage of a current event that strikes my interest.

As someone with a passion for anything that goes braap!, along with a love for writing, an automotive blog seemed like the easy solution to bring both of my interests into the same world.

I’ve spent the last ten years of my life taking in as much automotive content as humanly possible whether it be reading magazines, browsing youtube, or watching TopGear (we miss you Jeremy). While all of my other buddies were watching the big game, I was the weirdo in the corner refreshing Car and Driver every five minutes waiting for the newest First Drive to be published. With all of this information I’ve accumulated, I have developed my own set of likes and dislikes, opinions and insights.

Much of my opinions, along with my writing style, may have similarities to those found in the articles from the wonderful people over at Car and Driver magazine, as I have been an avid reader of their material for quite some time now. However, where my style differs is this blog contains much more opinion based material. Posts on this site will essentially be a manifestation of my thoughts on the happenings of the automotive industry.

A large reason why I started this blog is simply to dedicate more of my time to talking about cars and bikes. Any car guy knows you can only blabber on to your girlfriend  about horsepower for so long before the topic of conversation inevitably changes (lookin’ at you Liz). This blog will be an outlet for anything and everything automobiles.

As a member of the millennial generation, I hope to show the seasoned gear heads that younger people still have a passion for cars, even if we may be smaller in numbers. If I can spark just one person’s love for cars then I would consider this blog to be a definite success.

With all that being said, I’m really just trying to warrant talking about cars by pretending somebody is listening. So, imaginary readers, I hope you enjoy the content to come as I will certainly take pleasure in writing it.

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